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Aaron Hernandez Killed Himself Because He was Secretly Gay

Aaron Hernandez, former NFL player with the New England Patriots, may have committed suicide in his jail cell to cover up a dirty secret. Sources say that he possibly murdered a former friend to protect his most hidden secret – He was bisexual.

Was Aaron Hernandez Secretly Gay?

The former tight end (no pun intended) for the Patriots allegedly had a longtime and ongoing relationship with a male friend he has known since high school. The suicide notes have been withheld from family and they are wanting answers and the letters, of course!

Insiders say that he left behind a very “specific” letter to another gay inmate within the jail facilities.  This particular letter was just one of 3 letters that were discovered in the cell when Aaron’s body was found by guards on Wednesday. The other two were for his daughter and girlfriend, which they were engaged at the time of his arrest for murder.

He was serving a life sentence without parole for the 2013 shooting of his former friend, Odin Lloyd. He was awarded a $40 million contract with the Patriots shortly before this all went down.


Cops and jail officials strongly believe that Lloyd had incriminating information on Aaron that the popular NFL player didn’t want getting out to friends, family, and most of all….the public!