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Amazon Receives Backlash for Suggesting Bomb-Making Items

It has just been reported that Amazon-London is under heavy scrutiny at the moment because of website algorithms. These algorithms were discovered last week (but was not reported until yesterday) when it began automatically suggesting bomb-making items in the “frequently Bought Together” section within a product listing. The problem here is this happens to be during the horrific London terrorist attack.





The London attach involved a crude explosive wrapped in a bag and inside a bucket. The homemade bomb was detonated during the morning house on an underground train that was packed full of patrons. This report is an example of how a website’s algorithms can hurt a company’s reputation and sales.

Many of the ingredients that were in that section on the site are not illegal by themselves but, would be if put together to make a bomb – obviously.

Amazon released a statement saying this:

“Considering recent events, we are reviewing our website to ensure that all these products are represented in an appropriate manner.” The statement also says, “we strive to continue helping law enforcement when certain circumstances allow us to assist in investigations.”

Amazon is now part of the long list of websites and huge companies like Google and Facebook, that have received outrage over suggestive ads and pushing propaganda messages to the masses.