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Ariana Grande Concert: Terrorist Attack Kills At Least 20 People

Moments ago, an explosion happened at Ariana Grande’s concert is now being treated as a terrorist act. The explosion itself happened moments after the popular singer finished her last song of the night and was exiting left of the stage. The explosion caused significant damage to the Manchester Arena and there are reportedly 19 people killed and over 50 have been severely injured.

Terrorist Attack at Ariana Grande Concert

This overseas concert being held in the UK fell victim to an explosive device known as a nail bomb and it was stored in a backpack which could suggest this was a suicide mission. Sources say, the bomber was waiting around the exit area as concert goers were leaving the building.

Police officials state that the scene is horrific and graphic, with body parts spread all over the area where the bomb when off. Latest reports are now suggesting that there is a second suspect and the information is bei ng actively investigated.

The explosion itself caused the people to stampede towards the exits of the building, causing many injuries because people were stomping over each other to escape.

Minutes ago, a second device was found in the area and Greater Manchester Police executed a controlled release of that second bomb. The second device was found in Cathedral Gardens.

Ariana Grande has left the area safely.