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Atlanta Bridge Collapse: Terrorist Attack

Nope! News & Gossip has recently got reports on the Atlanta Bridge Collapse suggesting that the explosion and collapse of the I-85 bridge in Georgia was a terrorist attack. Original news reports stated that the spools of fiber optic PVC pipe that was kept under an overpass, is what caused the fire and the collapse. Then there was reports of an arrest being made. Documents show that a homeless man was arrested for arson because he was under the bridge near the spools of PVC pipe while smocking crack cocaine.

There is an eyewitness named Sophia Brauer. The twist is, Sophia Brauer was also a witness to a crime when she found a man dead by the railroad tracks in the immediate area where this bridge collapsed. This could be completely coincidental or something for more sinister is happening. However, as with all lies, truth will become known eventually. The infamous and famous hacker group Anonymous has released a new video regarding this Atlanta bridge fire.

In the video, it is purported that this bridge collapse was the workings of terrorists and that the government is trying to keep a lid on it by suggesting it was caused by a homeless man smoking crack.

The video goes on to detail that there were tons of “chatter” happening during the hours of the incident and FBI was monitoring the situation. Here is the video from Anonymous:




Nope! News would like to point out that there was a State of Emergency issued for Atlanta when the I-85 bridge collapsed. We would like to question why was there a state of emergency even issued? If this was truly a horrible accident caused by a homeless man (with 19 prior convictions) smoking crack, this incident would clearly be somewhat isolated and contained. There would be no need to put Atlanta on a State of Emergency because of a highway fire that trained fire fighters can put out.

You can’t help to wonder if the bridge fire and the issue of state of emergency has any correlation with an incident that happened earlier that day in Downtown Atlanta. Reports show that Police, Fire, FBI, and Hazmat teams were dispatched to a downtown location because there was a man claiming to have Red Mercury. Also, since the [possible] terrorist attack there has been up to 100 FBI agents posting up in a small town nearby.


There’s an old saying…. You don’t have to be standing by a lake to know something smells fishy!