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Ben Affleck Accused of Sexually Harassing Hillarie Burton in 2003

Moments ago, Fox News confirmed allegations of sexual assault at the hands of Harvey Weinstein supporter, Ben Affleck. Reports state that Hillarie Burton is accusing the popular actor of sexual harassment back in 2003 when Burton was a host on TRL. The One Tree Hill and Lethal Weapon actress says Ben Affleck groped her and said sexually inappropriate comments to her.



This new allegation surfaces amidst the current allegations that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted numerous models and actresses over a span of many years. Hillarie Burton came out with her allegation just hours after Ben Affleck publicly condemned Weinstein’s behavior towards women saying this:

“made me sick” and that we must “condemn this type of behavior when we see it.”

Ben Affleck’s Career is Over?!?

Rose McGowen has also came forward accusing Ben Affleck of knowing about Harvey Weinstein groping her stating that she told Ben and while he commented on it, he never publicly outed Weinstein and ultimately shoved Rose’s accusation under the rug. It is also worth noting that it was a fan of Hillarie Burton that originally outed Affleck on Twitter but it did not take long before Burton herself confirmed the fan’s tweet.

In all this Hollywood drama, it won’t be long before Matt Damon gets wrapped up in this as well since Matt is a very close friend of both Affleck and Weinstein. The strong assumption here is that Affleck may not be the only one that gets caught in this sexually appalling current of lies and cover-ups within the Hollywood elites.


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