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Big Brother 19: Paul Abrahamian Getting Coached by Production?!?

“Your Boy” Paul Abrahamian came in second place next to Nicole last year. This year, Paul came back into the house as a game twist. Since he has been back in the Big Brother house, he has gotten increasingly cockier with his gameplay. He has steamrolled several HOH’s from other house guests to further his own agenda in the game.

Is Big Brother coaching Paul?

Big Brother fans have always wondered if there has ever been collusion from production crews behind the walls. There have been many conspiracies proving the theory that production does at times guide and coach house guests. Sources say, that Paul must be getting coached because he is not nearly as good as he was last year. So, that makes his fans wonder! Is “Friendship” Paul getting coached or is in fact he is playing a mediocre game in a house with nothing but idiots who don’t know the game?

Paul Abrahamian and Jessica Graf

Right now, the theory that throws fuel on this fire is that Paul was reportedly told by production crews to out Jessica in front of the rest of the house guests, concerning the poking of private parts. If fans were to analyze this closely and go back through the live feeds, they will see that this was a game that Paul, Raven, Matt, and a few others were accepting to at the time. However, as soon as the power shifted in the house and house guests started to erupt on Jessica and Cody, Production reportedly told Paul to twist “the game” into a horrible negative against Jessica in front of the cameras and house guests.

Big Brother Quietly Evicting Jessica Graf

Theories also suggest that Big Brother producers has gotten Paul to rally the other house guests against Jessica and Cody so Jessica’s eventual exit from the game will look like “normal gameplay”. When in fact, Jessica’s eviction could be the result and fallout of her butt poking people because in the end, a peaceful exit is a lot better for ratings than a disqualification from the game for blatant sexual harassment.

Take a look at some of Jessica’s butt pokin’

Video Courtesy of: What Now