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Uber Goes to War with Apple

Uber Logo

Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick got himself in more hot water. This time it is with Apple Inc. CEO for Apple, Tim Cook and Let’s just say Mr. Kalanick got the spanking he deserves. Travis Kalanick has been caught breaking Apple’s Privacy rules and CEO Cook is highly upset at Uber’s

American Airlines San Francisco: Another Video Surfaces

Is American Airlines Becoming a Fight Club in the Sky? There is another incident involving American Airlines and staff. This time there is a mom in the video that is holding a baby. The video below shows her at the front of the plane and crying. An intense confrontation between staff

Atlanta Bridge Collapse: Terrorist Attack

Nope! News & Gossip has recently got reports on the Atlanta Bridge Collapse suggesting that the explosion and collapse of the I-85 bridge in Georgia was a terrorist attack. Original news reports stated that the spools of fiber optic PVC pipe that was kept under an overpass, is what caused