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Celebrity Big Brother: Cast List Has Been Leaked?!?

Today marks the end of Big Brother 19 as we go into tonight’s finale show. BB19 has been a subpar season at best. After Paul Abrahamian (Mr. Friendship) was introduced into the house, he was quickly trusted by everybody in the Big Brother House. So much so, that it has gotten him all the way to Big Brother 19 finale night. Big brother fans are still torn on whether to believe that Paul played an outstanding game this season or he simply played out this season with a bunch of idiots that followed his every command to a fault.



Paul Abrahamian played last season of Big Brother where he came in second place next to Nicole Franzel. Speaking of Nicole, she is now with Victor from last season. That’s right, she dumped the tall one and got with Vic. It’s still a fresh relationship since the two hooked up a few weeks ago to do the competition bit. It has been rumored for most of the season that BB Paul has been getting coached by production in order to be the ultimate winner. However, Big Brother Execs are pretty good about being secretive (no pun intended).

Julie Chen Announces Celebrity Big Brother

Julie Chen announced a few weeks ago that just like last year, there will be another season of Big Brother to watch once the Summer season concludes. However, this time it will be different. Julie Chen announced during a recent BB19 episode that for the first time, there will be a Celebrity Big Brother and it will air this winter. Since the announcement, huge buzz has been circulating amongst the fans. Fans wonder which celebs could be going into the house once all the “meatballs” from season 19 have packed up and gone home.

Sources say that Big Brother Execs have been working on a solid cast list for some time now and have narrowed down the selections. Unconfirmed resources have released some of the names in this list and yes, it’s going to be HUGE! The Celebrity edition of Big Brother will undoubtedly bring in excellent ratings this winter, setting themselves up for an even bigger fan base for Big Brother 20.


Here is an unconfirmed list of celebs expected to enter the Big Brother world where they too will learn….Expect the Unexpected!

Farrah Abraham – Reality Star (MTV’s Teen Mom)


Jenna Marbles – YouTube Personality (Appearances on Ridiculousness & Natural Born Pranksters)

Vanilla Ice – Singer & Actor ( 90’s rapper & Star of “Vanilla Ice Project”)

Lisa Welchel – Actress ( Facts of Life & Survivor finalist)

Corey Feldman – Actor & Singer (The Gooonies, The Lost Boys)

What do you think of these possible Big Brother house guests?