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Top 5 Reasons Why Christian Grey is Creepy as F**K

Most Women fell in love with Christian Grey and his dominant ways when Fifty Shades hit the screens. But now, with Fifty Shades Darker Christian seems to be excessively creepy, says critics. Here are the top 5 reasons women now think Christian Grey is a creepy dude.

No. 5

In the second installment to Fifty Shades, he buys the company that Ana works for so he can feel close to her and keep tabs on her.


No. 4

The entire movie has a twilight saga feel to it but with disturbing twists. Sources say that Fifty Shades Darker was nowhere as good as the first installment.

No. 3

Christian Grey steals Ana’s bank account information so once again, he can force her into submission by ways of stalking.

No. 2

Accosting Ana and taking her to a location to perform bondage acts on her. Now, if a regular guy off the street did this then he would most likely be serving prison time.

No. 1

The creepiest thing Grey does in the movie is physically attack any and all males that get near or interact with Ana. This has “Walking Red Flag” written all over it.

Guess the key to ultimate domination over women is to have your own company and be filthy rich. Like they say, money is the root of all evil……or Pleasure?!?