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Coca-Cola Drains Mexico’s Water Supply

The residents of San Felipe Ecatepec, Mexico are angry that they have to endure the travesty they are going through. Apparently, there is a Coca-Cola bottling plant in between San Felipe and San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. The residents of San Felipe are saying this:

“In the past four years, our wells have started drying up. People sometimes walk two hours a day to get water. Others have to buy their water.”


There is a company in Mexico called “FEMSA” and they are the ones that run the operations of the “coke” plant. The bottling plant itself consumes over 1 million liters of water per day within the manufacturing process. There is valuable and mass amount of farmland in San Felipe, this is a town that should be thriving. Unfortunately, that is not the case since Coca-Cola is taking up all of the water supply. There is just not enough water left in the wells for the residents of the community.

Mexico’s Water Unsafe to Drink

Chiapas has the best renewable water sources in all of Mexico but residents say that the water there is rarely safe to drink. The statistics are staggering, 1 out 3 homes are without water and this is how people end up getting sick and die from drinking contaminated water. Out of sheer desperation to live. Here is what one resident had to say:

“We have been asking the government to install a deep well in the community for 12 years, We’ve gone to the municipal, state and federal governments, but they’ve done nothing.”

According to the Mexican Constitution, all municipal goverments shall provide potable water for residents. It is very clear that perhaps some government officials don’t know or don’t care about the Mexican Constitution.

Here are some fun facts to think about:

Vicente Fox was president of Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico before being elected Mexican president in 2000.

FEMSA reports that it uses 56.9 billion liters of water a year in its operations across Latin America. In Mexico, the company holds 40 water permits.

This is pretty clear, BIG BUSINESS just moved in!