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Cuba Gooding Sr: Death Linked to Illuminati ?!?

Nope! News & Gossip has discovered some enlightening information concerning Cuba Gooding Sr. death, yesterday. Sources say that Cuba Gooding Sr. was allegedly a sacrifice for his son’s career taking off again, after Cuba Jr.’s latest hit starring role as O.J Simpson in the Docu-Movie that was watched by millions.

So far, Police are suspecting an overdose being the reason the popular soul singer died. His body was found hunched over in a Jaguar in the Woodland Hills area of California. What is strange is, reports state that empty beer cans were found in the vehicle. Nothing else was mentioned!

If overdose is suspected, then wouldn’t the police have found and mentioned in reports that drugs and/or paraphernalia was found in the vehicle or on the body. We do know that an autopsy is possibly being performed and we expect to hear something about drugs in the results.

Did the Illuminati Sacrifice Cuba Gooding Sr.?!?

It’s strange how other A-list black actors such as Denzel Washington and Will Smith gets some very high profile roles in some big movies. However, Cuba Gooding Jr.’s career never took off even after roles in Jerry McGuire and Boyz in The Hood. He won an Oscar in 1997 for his supporting role in Jerry McGuire.

But then, what happens after that?? Nothing but sub-par roles in low-rated movies such as Norbit. His current Net Worth is around 15 million which, is very low compared to other black actors in the movie industry and, incidentally the same ones that are widely known to be linked to the Illuminati. This is how the Elite works! They take a sacrifice from YOU for making YOU famous and rich. It is a trade-off, your soul for stardom.

The jury is still out on whether Cuba Gooding Sr’s death was an Illuminati hit, and we are hoping his death is ruled natural causes. This case is still being investigated and we will bring more news surrounding this untimely death. Nope! News poses the question to you; do you believe this was part of an Elite plan or is it all just conspiracies?