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Donald Trump: Will the New Tax Bill be full of Crap ?!?

It was announced just hours ago that President Trump will be unveiling his new Tax Bill to the country sometime next week. This widely anticipated bill has been met with both anticipation and wonder from both Democrats and Republicans. President Trump is bringing a lot of bold promises to the table on this bill and the American people are wondering if these promises will be kept.

Trump’s New Tax Bill Brings Boldness


President Trump’s first promise is that businesses and individuals will receive a “massive tax cut” under a tax reform. The President would not provide any viable details of the plan, stating only that the tax cuts will be “bigger I believe than any tax cut ever.” He goes on to saying that he remains extremely focused on tax reform.

He Plans to unveil this new tax bill right at his 100-day anniversary in office. With a strong opposition, Trump will have his work cut out for him when this bill goes for the Congress votes. There will be a lot more to this tax bill and we will all find out next week.  He has recently signed as slew of executive orders pushing for reductions of financial regulations. So, this should be good!