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Eminem Sounds Like an Ass While Dissing Trump

First let’s acknowledge that Eminem is the best rapper of all time and his acting skills are not too shabby either. However, earlier tonight at the Hip Hop Awards Eminem quickly made himself a political puppet by broadcasting some of his anti-Trump rhymes during the show. It’s no secret that Eminem is controversial with his lyrics and has pissed off tons of elites throughout his career.



Here is the full broadcast:

Eminem Loses Himself in Racism

Several times throughout the video, Eminem cites Trump and his supporters as racists by speaking in a “redneck” accent which is absurd and makes himself look like a complete ass to his fans. Moreover, does Eminem not realize that he has millions of fans that are Trump supporters?!? It’s fine to speak your mind and have a voice, but should it be at the cost of your own success?

The famous rapper also talks about Trump spending tax dollars on vacations and such. First off, Trump has more money than an entire bag of Eminem’s and not to mention that he initially denied getting an income from being a President. Why would Trump need taxpayer dollars when he has plenty? Em, why didn’t you mention Obama spending over $100 million in taxpayer’s money on vacations throughout his presidency? Maybe because you are extremely close to the same tax bracket as most celebs and elites.

Eminem: Property of The Democrats

Eminem turned himself and his platform into a political circus by politicizing his music, his art. However, this is not the first time he has dissed Trump in a rhyme. He talked about drowning all the Trump supporters in the previous diss called “Campaign Trail” so this year’s Hip Hop Awards cypher was no surprise. The problem is, Eminem spoke on issues he obviously knows very little about. He did rap about his support of the military and that is great but shouldn’t an artist with a platform that reaches millions, do his research on the topics he is going to rap about?

Additionally, the subtle pushing of the ultimate agenda is in full play with the “We F*ckin Hate Trump” title which directly promotes hate and indirectly promotes racism. Overall, Eminem should stick to dissing his fellow celebs and keep out of politics if he is just going to make himself look like a Jackass, with his oddly looking crew in the background.

He says this to his Trump supporting fans:

“Any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his, I’m drawing in the sand a line, you’re either for or against”

Sorry Eminem but the President of the United States of America will always “Trump” a rapper, no matter how talented he is. Especially when that rapper obviously supports a woman that was responsible for several deaths in Benghazi and has the backing of all the Devil’s minions.

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