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Breaking News: Erin Moran of Happy Days Found Dead

Resources have just reported that Erin Moran who played Joanie on the hit show “Happy Days” has passed away. She was 56 years old.

Not a Happy Day

Her body was just found moments ago by EMT personnel in Indiana. She rose to stardom in the early 70’s when she was cast for a major role in “Happy Days” as the popular Joanie. Erin Moran managed to get a spin-off show called “Joanie loves Chachi” with Scott Baio in 1982.


Sources confirm that Indiana authorities received a call just after 4pm regarding an unresponsive female. EMT responders arrived on the scene and found Erin already dead. Body was taken to the coroner’s office for examination and authorities are investigating the scene.

Erin Moran went through very hard times when she left her “Happy Days” stardom. She became an alcoholic and drug addict. She also went through some pretty bizarre behavior that somehow ended her up in a trailer park in Arizona. She ran out of her Hollywood money and was allegedly kicked out of the trailer park she shared with husband Steve Fleishmann.


Her career highlights include landing roles on the hit TV show “Murder she Wrote” and a spot on “Celebrity Fit Club”.

Of course, an autopsy is pending and Nope! News & Gossip will keep you informed of the latest news surrounding this horrible loss.

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