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Facebook Caught Helping Russia Push Race War Agenda in America

Days ago, Facebook handed over 3,000 ads bought by Russian covert groups, trying to fuel the growing racial tensions in the United States. Russian operatives working with Black Lives Matter, bought Facebook ads during the recent presidential race between Trump and Hillary. The purpose of these ads was to reportedly help Hillary with her campaign and to push a race war agenda.


Unfortunately, Mark Zuckerberg is receiving backlash after this discovery because he obviously knew the content and purpose of these ads long before government officials took control of them. Facebook dubs itself as a platform for everyone to raise their opinions. However, the popular social platform is known to be a far-left democratic platform. Furthermore, Mark is a huge Hillary Clinton fan as well. It would premature to say this will negatively affect Facebook because well, folks are just addicted to Facebook.

Zuckerberg Allowed Russian BLM Ads During Presidential Race

There is a chance that Congress may want to have an “official” sit-down with Mark and other Facebook execs but with that, time will tell. This certainly falls very close to the line of tampering with the election and possibly treason in some aspect. Then again, Facebook  is protected by the 1st amendment just like any other American business and citizen.

An oversight committee will be reviewing the ads to determine if there is any evidence of collusion regarding the Presidential elections. The rumor is and has been that Russia helped Trump win the election but there hasn’t been any concrete evidence to support that rumor. This could be the straw that will break the back, so to speak.

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