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Globalists Cancels Hit TV Show “Last Man Standing”

It has been reported that ABC has officially cancelled the wildly popular TV show “Last Man Standing” with Tim Allen. ABC made a joint decision with its production partner 20th Century Fox TV. They typically decide the licensing fees and other logistics before each season begins. However, season 7 was mutually abandoned from all talks. The networks simply just pulled the plug!

At the end of season six, the show was doing stellar compared to other shows. Last Man Standing had high ratings and was even doing well in syndication. Yes, the show was down 5% at the end of last season but that doesn’t even come close to other shows that were down nearly 30%. Tim Allen recently was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Show where he showed his support for President Donald Trump.

When a hit TV show with high ratings and an even higher demand from the viewing public, this is not a show that just gets cancelled so abruptly like this. Reason could be that Tim is a well-known conservative that loves to piss off the liberals. The show’s political stance makes the Elites mad. For example, Tim Allen’s character on the show Mike Baxter always had plenty to see in the political scope.

Fans of the show have taken to Twitter in the last 24 hours, asking other TV networks like CMT to pick the show up. Even Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter made a Facebook post showing her disgust over the show’s cancellation.

The decision that the Elites made was simple, it was not about revenue, ratings, and the shows overall popularity….it was all about politics! Good Ole’ Mike Baxter was just too damn political for his own good! Nevertheless, we are going to miss the Baxter family.