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“Hero” Dog Becomes Symbol of Hope After Hurricane Harvey

Early yesterday morning, a woman in Sinton, Texas; near Corpus Christie spotted a small-sized German Shepard dog named “Otis”. He was walking down a neighborhood street carrying a bag of dog food. The woman quickly snaps a pic of Otis and posted it to her social media.

Here is the post:


“Otis” the Dog Defines True Texan

The true Texas spirit is tough and resilient. This amazing dog shows what Texans do when natural disasters attack, they defeat the odds and come back stronger. Turns out, Otis has a home and loving owner. He belongs to the 5-year-old grandson of Salvador Segovia.

Otis is well-known around town and even gets a few perks from local business owners. For example, he is the only dog that is allowed by city officials to lie down in front of the courthouse. He can also go to the local H-E-B grocery store and visits with employees.

Otis is Texas Tough at its Best

Otis will become a Texas celebrity and in his own rights. He has shown many Texans out there that has been hit hard by this catastrophic storm that if you remain tough and focus on moving forward, we all shall get through this together.


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