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Hobby Lobby Receives Backlash Over Racist Decoration

On Thursday, a Hobby Lobby customer named Danielle Rider found a decoration on the shelf, for sale. This situation is exactly what continues to fuel the racial tension in the country. If people just realized that this is exactly what our Government wants us to do, this kind of “petty” would not be happening.



She was outraged over this:




Hobby Lobby Sells Racist Products?!?

The shopper who posted the photo received thousands of comments and remarkably, she received both positive AND negative comments. One commenter responded to her tweet with this message:

“Ummm… it’s cotton… wtf…its 2017… do you know some slaves in 2017 that picked this cotton and didn’t get paid for it. Just… stop.”

This comes after a University student got racially offended when she saw a banana peel in a tree located on campus. The student rallied other peers and demanded a “safe place” so they can process the travesty they just went through. Either way, this is certainly confirming that race is still very much a social problem in the United States.

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