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Hooters Sued for Unsolicited Text Messages

Sources have confirmed that Hooters is being sued in a class action lawsuit. Hooters is the well-known spot to eat wings and check out the “scenery”. Unfortunately, Hooters has managed to piss off thousands of its customers. Our sources say that the lawsuit has to do with unsolicited text messages. These text messages are from Hooters to its customers and are clearly promotional.



However, that is not necessarily the problem. The problem is that all the recipients who got the promotional text message, did not give their consent to receive them. Unfortunately for Hooters, this is against the law per the federal Anti-Telemarketing Law. Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, they incriminated themselves by not getting written consent from the recipients first.


Hooters Sued for $1.3 Million

Back in 2015, Hooters was sending out a promotional message like this one:

Hooters Fans: Our mClub has moved! Don’t worry, you’ll still receive exclusive news, just from a new number. Reply STOP to unsubscribe Msg&Data Rates may apply.

It is also confirmed that on this particular day back in 2015, this promotional message was sent to over 55,000 people. Hooters originally tried to get this lawsuit thrown out but was unsuccessful back in November 2016. Fortunately for the class parties, they were able to come to a payout of over a million dollars. This would cover all the parties involved in the lawsuit and their court costs.

Hooters Gift Cards?!?

Yes, that’s right! The parties in the lawsuit may have won the $1.3 million but the actual cash goes to each person’s court costs, lawyer fees, things like that. Everything outside of that, the actual victims, they get paid….in either $20 or $50 gift cards. This is a win/win for Hooters because anyone with common sense knows that the cost of food and drink to cover a $50 gift card, is about half in cost for Hooters. Wholesale!