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Shocking! Infant Foreskin Linked to Beauty Creams for Women

Anti-aging creams have been around for ages (pun intended) and has made the makers of these “miracle creams” millions upon millions in revenue. Some creams work and some don’t. However, regardless of its effectiveness, not too many consumers worry about how these products are made. Furthermore, after knowing what these wrinkle creams consist of it is obvious how some are showing disgust and dismay.

To Circumcise or Not Circumcise?!?

Our sources claim that infant foreskin has commonly been used in these popular creams for years and that the Government allows it. There are roughly 4 million babies born in the United States each year, according to a 2012 census. Speculating that around 2 million are males and factor in the ones that are getting circumcised, you can imagine the outrage here. With circumcision on the rise over the last decade, it is a mystery as to why.

What Happens to the Foreskin?!?

Perhaps the reason it is on the rise is because doctors pressure parents into getting the procedure done when countless studies show, it is a highly unnecessary procedure that borders on the lines of torture. The horror starts when the foreskin is cut and the baby is whaling from the top of his little lungs. Parents would think that the foreskin will be disposed of properly through medical waste. However, that foreskin is packed up and shipped to anti-aging cream manufacturers all over the U.S.

Once the foreskin(s) make it to the manufacturer, it is processed then added to the mixture of other components that will ultimately be the finished product. The process itself is appalling and disgusting to the point that there has been reports of the workers who are making these creams, are quitting their jobs on consistent basis.

Is your Beauty and Youthful Look Worth It?

Skinmedica and other anti-aging and beauty cream companies are profiting off infant foreskin nut here is some more shocking facts. Like most people, we always have those nights where we are up late watching T.V. and that celebrity comes on the screen. They talk about how this certain cream is revolutionary and how it has ingredients and “minerals” that will make you look beautiful.

However, what the Skinmedica spokesperson, Oprah Winfrey doesn’t tell you is how each time you are putting on that wonderful miracle serum, you are putting a tad bit of foreskin on your face as well. One single foreskin can produce over $100,000 in product and each bottle sells for about $200 dollars. Skinmedica reps state that infant foreskin helps promote tight skin and eliminates wrinkles and noticeable aging in women.

By the way, Skinmedica is one of the top-selling anti-aging serum brands in the country. Would you like a bottle?

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