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White House Chicken: A Prank or Threat?!?

Just hours ago, folks started to notice this huge inflatable chicken with resemblance to President Donald Trump. Fox News & CNN has been covering this story for the last hour. Here is what we know about this possible prank that could have serious repercussions.


Are the Democrats Sending Trump a Message?

The giant inflatable chicken has blonde combover hair just like the POTUS. No statements have been released from the White House and Trump himself has not tweeted anything regarding the giant “clucker” hanging out around his home.

Here is a video from earlier raw footage from the White House

Inflatable Chicken Resembling Trump Spotted at White House

Sources say there hasn’t been any individuals or groups that has came forward to take responsibility. Nonetheless, this leaves some Americans wondering if this is a sign of taunting the U.S. amidst rumors of going to war with North Korea. 

Or…. This all could be just a clever advertisement stunt for White House Chicken

This would be some clever publicity…


All we can do at this moment is wait for a statement or comment from the White House or the POTUS himself.