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iPhone X: Production Suddenly Halted for 3 months?!?

Sources close to Apple has stated that the release of the heavily anticipated iPhone X will be delayed because of a few alarming reasons. Unconfirmed reports state that the manufacturers in China has suddenly ran out of certain components and hardware that goes into the phone. Undoubtedly, this could make millions of consumers very unhappy.



Second reason is, the “higher ups” in Apple are rumored to be delaying the release of the iPhone X because of direct competition with Samsung. That direct competition could possibly hurt the new iPhone sales.

When Will the iPhone X be released?

According to our sources, the delay in production will most likely trickle down and have a huge impact on the exact date Apple will release the phone into the markets. This is surprising since the phone hardware and all its components are also manufactured in China but the upside is, there could potentially be less wait time thus allowing workers to get back to building out the phones.

It is rumored that with any release of a highly anticipated phone such as the iPhone X, the number of units that need to be initially pushed out into the stores is a staggering number. So, with the delay in hardware, could mean that 3-month mark could take up to 6 months. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to say for sure until Apple releases a statement.

For folks that have the iPhone X already on preorder, be ready for a delay between 3 and 6 months.

The good news is…. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is right on track.

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