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Ivanka Trump Forced to Testify in Lawsuit with Aquazzura

Ivanka Trump became engulfed in a lawsuit with Aquazzura before her dad became POTUS and took office. Furthermore, Ivanka has been told in the past to keep her position within the White House and politics separate from her clothing line ventures. Aquazzura filed a lawsuit on Ivanka, stating that a shoe from the self-titled clothing line happens to look too much like Aquazzura’s design.



Here are the heels in question:


Just recent, Ivanka submitted a letter to the court requesting that she be exempted from having to show up for any depositions or to testify in court. Unfortunately for her, the judge over the case scoffed and said, “nice try”. Supposedly, this is the first time Ivanka has tried to use her government position to avoid legal matters. Nonetheless, this will not be good for President Trump since Democrats are already on the war path to get the POTUS impeached.

Ivanka is already under heavy scrutiny for rumors of cruel labor practices in the factories that make her products. Ms. Trump continues to dodge the scandal by hiding behind her father, the President of the United States. This is an example of the power the Trump family has and that power grows stronger with each day.

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