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James Comey: FBI Director Fired for Being a Russia Insider?

In recent news, it has been announced that the director of FBI, James Comey has been officially terminated by President Trump. Just days before Comey was fired. He was pressing for more money, he asked the Justice Department for a substantial increase in funding for the on-going Russia investigation. He also asked for more personnel along with more financial funding.

Why Was Comey Canned?

Former FBI Director Comey has been under the political gun since the investigation into Hillary Clinton and John Podesta emails that were leaked by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He has testified several times in front of subcommittee and did what was expected of him, which was to…say nothing!

James B. Comey has reportedly been strengthening his relationship with Russia and this has obviously pissed off the POTUS to the point of getting fired. Comey’s suspicious ties with Russia is a major uncertainty of what could happen to the United States and poses a very dangerous problem for the FBI.

Is Comey a Spy for Russia?

President Trump and his staff has already began looking for a suitable replacement as FBI Director. Trump’s first 100 days in office has been a tidal wave of rumors and high-profile firings. Sources say, Comey found about his abrupt firing from TV and he thought it was a joke.

President Trump boldly told Comey that he was no longer fit to be the FBI Director and that he concurs with the decision to remove him from the position. Oddly enough, Trump is now facing backlash over the firing. News media giants like Fox News are trying to use this decision against the President and sell to the public that Trump is erratic with defiantly bad decisions that could jeopardize the nation.