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Jared Kushner Busted for Using Private Email

Just hours ago, it was reported that an investigation into President Trump’s son-in-law and White House advisor, Jared Kushner has been using a private email and server to conduct White House business. This is the same crime that Hillary Clinton is reportedly guilty for. Jarod Kushner is the husband of Ivanka Trump and long-time friend of the entire Trump family. As President Trump has shown, he keeps his family close even in business/politics.



Apparently, Senior Adviser Kushner set up the personal email in December during Trump’s transition into office. Like Jared, there has been several other White House officials that has done the same. Sources say, the emails largely contain links and commentary about articles and news reports. Mr. Kushner uses both his personal and official White House email together daily to conduct routine business. The problem with that is, this could lead to the personal email being used for more classified matters in the future.

Some say that this practice is a “slippery slope” when dealing with Top Secret information being transferred from person to person electronically, every day.  A few of the officials that have corresponded with Kushner through his personal email includes Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus. The common factor and possibly the smoking gun that links these two together is, they have all since been fired from their position in Trump’s White House.

This all leads us to a familiar problem with White House officials and the security protocols that are in place for a reason, and that is accountability of the rules. Is Jared Kushner just a guilty as Hillary Clinton?

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