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JJ Watt Raises over 35 Million for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Moments ago, it was announced that the fundraising JJ Watt has been doing for Houston flood victims has officially ended on Friday. Not by anyone’s surprise, JJ Watt as managed to raise over $37 million. At the beginning of this fundraiser, The Houston Texans player posted a video showing his support for all the Houstonians that were affected by the catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.



Here is a tweet showing JJ Watt’s fundraising totals:


JJ Watt Helps Houston with Massive Fundraising

He has shown that all it takes is someone with a pure heart and a desire to help those in need, can and will make a difference. His fundraiser has attracted over 209,000 donors. Some of those donors include celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon, and Drake. He radiated compassion and that is what stuck with these donors.

JJ Watt Continues to Help Houston

He continues to show support by arranging 12 semi-trucks packed full of supplies that are distributed out to victims all over Houston. Here is a little of what Watt said in his statement:

“There are many places you could have donated your hard-earned money and I’m honored you have chosen to join this effort to support the people who were affected most by Hurricane Harvey,”

“Please keep this spirit of helping one another alive. The world is a better place when we all take care of each other.”

JJ Watt stands for Houston and Houston stands for JJ Watt!

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