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Joel Osteen: Lakewood Church Still Not Open as Shelters Overflow with Flood Victims

Moments ago, Reports were made that Lakewood Church has still not opened its doors for Houston flood victims. News reports suggest that active shelters in the Houston area are far beyond capacity already. The American Red Cross turned the GRB Convention Center into a shelter. However, there are currently over 9,000 people there and the max capacity for that building is set at 5,000.



Close sources also state that both locations of Gallery Furniture have quickly filled up since “Mattress Mac” Jim McIngvale opened his stores for evacuees. Churches in the area have also opened their facilities for victims, but they are nowhere near as large as Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church.

As of yesterday, it was confirmed that Osteen’s megachurch appears to be in good shape and can serve as a rescue center. Mayor Sylvester Turner said in a local news report that they will continue to look for safe properties that can serve as much needed shelters.

As a side note, Joel Osteen reached out to the media and had this to say:

“We have never closed our doors. We will continue to be a distribution center for those in need,”

He continues to say:

“Lakewood will be a value to the community in the aftermath of this storm in helping our fellow citizens rebuild their lives.”

Yet, the doors to his church remain closed and the storm itself is heading away from us. However, Houston and surrounding towns are under water so evacuees will surely continue to need a safe place to flee too.


UPDATE: Lakewood Church is now open to flood victims.

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