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Kendall Jenner BOMBS Pepsi Commercial – Fans are PISSED!

Currently, Pepsi is getting tons of blow-back from the recent commercial starring Kendall Jenner. The common review is that it was in severely poor taste and a bit tone-deaf. In the distasteful Pepsi ad, it shows Kendall abandoning a modeling gig to join a protest passing by in the street. The ad never gives viewers a reason why there are protesters but the suggestiveness throughout leads folks to believe it is a punch in the gut towards Black Lives Matter. The Pepsi commercial then shows the happy crowd of protesters running into a wall of cops that look to be heavily militarized. Kendall Jenner walks up to a cop and hands him a Pepsi. This suggests that handing the Pepsi can to the cop, Kendall successfully brokers a peace between angry protesters and even angrier cops.

Kendall Jenner fans have taken to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to voice their disgust over the advert. Even certain celebrities have joined in the Kendall bashing, leaving us to imagine she must be embarrassed and ashamed. Wonder if Kanye is disappointed as well ?!? The commercial features the anthem “Live for Now Moments”. Either way, it truly does suck!

Nope! News & Gossip has learned from our resources that Pepsi has removed that commercial from scheduled television airplay. That of course doesn’t help at all….with the power of Youtube!


Here is the Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial – You be the Judge & Jury!