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Kevin Hart’s Wife Demands Divorce After Video Surfaces

Just hours ago, the highly popular and overrated comedian and actor, Kevin Hart posted an apology video to Instagram. The apology was to his wife and kids amidst his latest sex scandal. Earlier Saturday, a woman made several attempts to extort money from Kevin Hart, claiming to have a video that could damage his personal life and career. Turns out, Kevin called the woman’s bluff and fessed up.


Kevin Hart’s Wife Files for Divorce?!?

Hart’s wife, Eniko Parrish has reportedly told close friends that she is “pissed” and wants a divorce. Sources close to the family say that she is sad and distraught. Mind you, Eniko Parrish had no previous celebrity status in Hollywood before meeting Kevin Hart. Will Eniko actually end her marriage with Kevin? This is not the first time he has been accused of cheating. There has been two other public incidents that involves his ex-wife and some other random woman.

Here is some of what Kevin said in his video:

“I’m at a place in my life where I feel like I have a target on my back,”and because of that I should make smart decisions. And recently, I didn’t. You know, I’m not perfect. I’m not going to sit up here and say that I am or claim to be in any way shape or form. And I made a bad error in judgement and I put myself in a bad environment where only bad things can happen and they did. And in doing that I know that I’m going to hurt the people closest to me, who’ve I talked to and apologized to, that would be my wife and my kids.”

“And I just, you know, it’s a s—-y moment. It’s a s—-y moment when you know you’re wrong and there’s no excuses for your wrong behavior,” Hart continued. “At the end of the day man, I just simply have got to do better. But I’m also not going to allow a person to have financial gain off of my mistakes and in this particular situation that was what was attempted. I said I’d rather fess up to my mistakes.”

To watch the full video CLICK HERE

Kevin Hart’s wife has not posted any public response to her social media accounts. However, it’s not suspected that it will take long before she does. The video in question reportedly shows Hart flirting with an unidentified woman. The video shows evidence to some extremely sexually suggestive flirting with a woman other than his pregnant wife.

Maybe Hollywood is too “Hollywood” for the World-famous Kevin Hart!

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