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Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce?

Sources say that Kim Kardashian West is thinking about filing for divorce from the iconic rapper, Kanye West. Kanye has retreated to the mountains to work on a new album. However, some claim that Kim K. is keeping Kanye away from their kids. Sources close to the Kardashian camp say that she has been adamant about keeping Kanye away and that she is just not sure about being married to Kanye anymore.

Kanye West had a meltdown on stage during a concert in recent months and he has since disappeared from the public eye. Conspiracy theorists claim that he is being reprogrammed by way of the MK Ultra program, commonly used by the Illuminati. It is no secret that Kanye is man of rage and mystery.

Why Would Kim Divorce Kanye?

Insiders say that she is just fed up with him and his antics. However, Kim Kardashian has been caught by the internet gods for posting fake pictures of her and Kanye together with the kids on recent holidays. Kanye is rumored to be in the mountains in Wyoming. Kanye will eventually come to surface and face his fans and his wife. Until then, all we can do is wait and wonder.

Kim Waits for Kanye to “Recover”

Rumors are also circling around citing that he is NOT in Wyoming for a new album. Instead, he is there to recover. But, Recover from what? Kim has reportedly been confiding in close friends and telling them that she cares for him and hopes he recovers soon but “she just can’t do it anymore”.