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Breaking News: Kylie Jenner is Pregnant

Moments ago, it was just announced by TMZ that Kylie Jenner is pregnant and Travis Scott is the father. Sources say Kylie has been hinting around to friends and family. Apparently, Travis Scott has been doing the same, He has been boasting to all his friends. Unconfirmed sources state that the rapper was talking about how his life is going to change and how much he is in love with Kylie.



Some say this is a prank being pulled by Kylie Jenner but there is a picture that TMZ posted and it certainly shows Kylie with  pregnant belly. Fans have noticed that she has been posting old pictures of herself on Instagram and any current pics posted of her, are from the chest up.

From the looks of it Kylie has been pregnant for some time now. It is essentially a 50/50 shot on whether she is pregnant. Again, Kylie is a known prankster. If she is pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby, this will be the most talked about celebrity pregnancy and pairing since……well, her sister and Kanye ?!?