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Linkin Park Singer Commits Suicide

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Chester Bennington from the world-renowned alternative group Linkin Park, has committed suicide. Early Thursday morning, Chester was found hanging and lifeless in his Los Angeles home. Bennington was not stranger to substance abuse as he was openly addicted to drugs and alcohol for years. Sources close to the popular singer states “He has been showing erratic behavior in the past week”.


Chester Bennington Kills Himself

The Linkin Park singer stated in past interviews that he thought of suicide in the past, partly due to the claim he was abused as a child by a male who was close to the family. This sad news of his passing comes just months after singer Chris Cornell who committed suicide by hanging. Chester and Chris was close friends so the comparison of circumstances here are a bit eerie and fishy.

There will no doubt be an autopsy performed and is likely that there will be drugs discovered in his system even though that cannot be confirmed at this time. Fans of the group have already been pouring to social media to express sadness and some have said that “Linkin Park is just not the same without Chester”.

Linkin Park is notably popular for their collaboration with Jay-Z. He is survived by his wife and six children. He was 41 when he passed. The world will mourn the loss for such a talented singer and songwriter.