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Stephen King Gets Roasted by Youtuber Mark Dice

a few days ago, President Trump tweeted out a GIF of himself hitting a gold ball and then that golf ball hits Hillary Clinton in the back, as she boards an airplane. Somebody else originally posted the tweet but the POTUS thought it was hilarious enough to RT that bad boy.





Here is the tweet:

The Golf Swing that Went Viral

After Trump re-tweeted this GIF, it immediately went viral. Both the left and right were having strokes over it. The Dems were having a stroke while the Republicans were laughing. Responses to the post is in massive amounts. However, here is where Stephen King and a hugely popular Youtuber, Mark Dice made it extremely more interesting.

The extremely popular writer and director Stephen King, tweeted out a response just a few hours after trumps GIF post and this is what King had to say:

This is where it gets highly comical. Mark Dice, a Youtuber that has over a million subscribers. He posts conspiracies stories and his fans love how he can call celebs and CNN on the bullshit. Well, he apparently saw Stephen King’s tweet and decided to call the movie mogul out on his bullsh*t. This was Mark’s reply to Stephen:

Not done yet folks, minutes after Mark Dice sets Stephen King straight, he triggers in on Alyssa Milano. That’s right, Miss “Poison Ivy” who stole the hearts of many in the 90’s. She tweeted that she reported Trump for promoting violence against women.  The conspiracist Youtuber snapped back with this: