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Mayweather Wins: Beats McGregor’s Ass in 10th Round

Just hours ago, Boxing fans and MMA fans from all over the world tuned in to watch the heavily anticipated fight. Earlier tonight, the fight took flight in the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas where fans and celebrities showed up to give support for their favorite fighter.

The first three rounds, Conor McGregor was impressive with his technique and showed skill and training with each jab. However, the fight overall left fans wanting more since there were few jabs taken by both opponents throughout the entire match.

Floyd Mayweather came out strong in round 4 and 5 where he ended up dominating the match-up by tiring out Conor McGregor. The plan worked! Conor started feeling the fatigue very quickly into the 6th and 7th rounds. This is where Floyd “Money” Mayweather seized the chance and used his skill to win the battle.

The fight was called in the 10th round, citing McGregor’s obvious fatigue and deeming the MMA fighter too weak to continue to fight. People are saying that Conor McGregor still did a hell of a job lasting ten rounds in a boxing ring with the undefeated boxing champion of the world and without any good amount of training.

What do you guys think, Would McGregor have won if he got more training time in before the fight?

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