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National Guard and Texas “Rednecks” Working Together in Houston Flood

During the rescue phases in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, A video was caught showing a U.S. Army vehicle being pulled out of high waters by “jacked up” monster trucks that you would suspect to see in Texas. Sources say that the man who took the video is the same man who originally flagged down the monster truck as it was passing by.

On a mission to save victims from the horrendous flooding, the man in the monster truck quickly stopped and obliged the military by helping them pull out one of their trucks that was stuck in some extremely high water. Some say this is a perfect example of helping each other in a time of need. They were both there to help others – that was the common goal.


Houston resident Josh James is the one who took the video. He told other news stations that he called up his friends which are part of a club called “Rednecks with Paychecks” and quickly formed a rescue team of about 200 boats and 300 trucks. Mr. James had this to say:

“It’s an amazing feeling to see how strong our community is coming together”

Here is the video captured by Josh James:

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