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Netflix Wants to Teach Kids About Sex! Kid’s Show Coming Soon!

It has just been reported that Netflix will soon be airing a Kid’s show about sex and puberty. The show will be debut on Sept. 29th and is called “Big Mouth”. The show portrays some teenage friends that are learning how to deal with life through puberty. The show will take a graphic stance on teaching kids all over the world about puberty and sex.



The trailer to the show is quite appalling. It depicts a “hormone monster” that give a pubescent male a “nocturnal emission”. It will also teach about ejaculation and masturbation. The show doesn’t stop there, it also shows a girl peeking at her blood-stained panties and a boy thrusting his pillow. At another point, there is a dad telling his son that “a man can touch another man’s penis … even kiss one very lightly.”

Netflix Show “Big Mouth”

The graphic nature of this show continues and it is absolutely everything that is…just not right! There is even a fair amount of profanity as well. With the understanding that this show will be meant for teens, that still does not sit well with parents. After all, it is the parent’s duty to teach kids about puberty and sex. Furthermore, with the assumption that there are parents out there that do not monitor what their kids watch, this show as the huge ability to be streamed and viewed by preteens.


With Netflix being available through all device platforms, this show will be at the fingertips of kids for the life of this show. Luckily, there are blocking options available on Netflix. Co-Creator of the show, Nick Kroll and Executive Producer, Jennifer Flackett say there are a lot of material in the show that will delve into the more “underground” topics.


The show will be rated TV-MA which means that this show theoretically would only be watched by people 17 and up. However, with the sex-fueled society and culture we all live in, the kids will come rushing in head first. It is the job of parents to be diligent regarding what kids are exposed too, even if it is a so-called “innocent” streaming service like Netflix.


Here is a trailer from the Netflix show “Big Mouth”


Fun Fact: This show’s creator is also the creator of the hit show “The Family Guy”