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Obama Spent Over $105 Million of Taxpayers Money on Vacations

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Former President Barack Obama and family are known for taking lavishly expensive trips. However, society as a collective never give a second thought as to how these outrageous trips are being funded. A well-known government monitoring group called Judicial Watch has released some reports that show the exact totals of all those past vacations. Furthermore, the reports also show how much was spent on what.


Obama Wastes Taxpayer Dollars on Vacations

It was previously reported that the Obama family spent over $85 million in taxpayer funds during his 8-year term. The annual Christmas trip to Hawaii cost hard-working Americans over $3.5 million. Funds went towards the cost of Air Force One, armored vehicles, secret service staff, and lots more. It is fair to say, that it is quite expensive for taxpayers anytime the President leaves the White House.

All the preparations and manpower just to travel costs Americans millions each term and its proving to be devastating to the economy. Especially since our deficit is already beyond repairable. While the Obama family is spending taxpayer money in excessive amounts, there are over a million kids that are homeless and starving during Christmas holidays each year. Shouldn’t OUR taxes go to them instead of a family that clearly doesn’t believe in GOD or celebrate holidays?


Obama’s Appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Former President Obama appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in Oct. of 2016 along with two campaign fundraisers, this particular trip costed taxpayers over $190,000. The family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard back in Aug. of 2016 racked up over $2.7 million, no vineyard anywhere is worth that much money. Especially when there are more important things taxpayer money can go towards.

The secret service spent over $1.2 million on expenses that are usually associated with escorting the POTUS. With all this talk about Obama, what about Trump?!? So far, Trump has spent around $4 million on travel expenses. With Vice President Pence factored in, the combined total for their travel expenses currently sits at $7.5 million.

Obama clearly showed no concern when it came to taxpayer dollars and where it went, makes you wonder why Obama never made the decision to skip a vacation and simply do the right thing. However, President Trump could prove to be much more expensive for taxpayers.