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Prince: Memorialized One Year After His Death

As investigators continue to figure out the circumstances of Prince’s sudden death last year, Judges are busy at work trying to block any unreleased music tracks that the singer let behind. Fans from all over the world is coming together in remembrance of his death and celebrate his music. Some of Prince’s followers have not even accepted the fact that he is gone.

The Last Days of Prince

Prince’s final days is surrounded by so much speculation and rumors that it is still difficult to account for what truly happened. His last live performance was at a venue in Toronto and while he seemed happy and active on stage, his mood and overall demeanor was completely the opposite backstage. Sources say, he had been acting distant and was depressed when they would see him at Paisley Park.

Prince’s Drug Addiction

The widely popular singer began taking opiates but it is unclear when he began taking the harmful drugs. The singer’s brother told news media that Prince was addicted to Cocaine back in 2000. Police investigators noted the times he visited several different pharmacies during his last days alive. Back in early April of last year, Prince’s private plane made an emergency landing in Illinois, on the way home from a concert in Atlanta.

Reports suggest that Prince overdosed on Percocet. He was carried off the plane by a bodyguard and given a shot of the anti-overdose medication Narcan by a local EMS. He managed to recover quickly so there wasn’t much buzz surrounding that incident until his death, days later.

Prince Will be Missed

Prince will be mourned by his fans for years to come. His music impacted millions of people and his smile and suave radiated through his music and life. Prince’s new EP includes six unreleased songs including “Deliverance”. The song was quickly ripped from iTunes when a Judge recently put a restraining order on the unreleased EP.

Here is a video of the lyrics (No Music)

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RIP Prince