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California School Teaches Students Mock Slavery Lessons

A California high school is facing major backlash over the lessons that the teachers have been teaching the students. The teachers at Whitney High School decided that it would be a good idea to have some mock slavery lessons. Parents were outraged when they heard the news from the students. A letter was sent home to the parents on September 5th,.

The letter is in a parent’s Facebook post mentioned below!


Parents Outraged over Slavery Lessons in School

The exercise would involve teachers taking the kids out into the hallways and tie their hands and ankles and force them to sit in a dark room while watching clips from the movie “Roots”. The horrid exercise was meant to be a surprise to the students so the parents were told NOT to tell them anything about it. The reason is because it was more “powerful” when it is not expected. They did mention this in the letters to parents:

“The idea is for them to be uncomfortable and to feel mistreated, like a piece of property. However, please rest assured that your child will not be physically or emotionally hurt/harmed in any way.”

One parent wrote the school a response and this is what she had to say:

“As the mother of a black child, I fear that my son’s participation would lead him to experience trauma, perhaps at a cellular level, and have a visceral reaction of anger and fear during the exercise itself,”

She posted to Facebook with the letter and her response to Whitney High School’s disturbing curriculum, here is her post:


Luckily, school officials did reach out to parents and ultimately decided to remove the slavery lesson from its curriculum and assured parents that no lessons like it will be established in the future.

Whitney High School officials have not yet made a public comment…