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Breaking News: Serena Williams Shares Picture of New Baby

Serena Williams and her fiancé Alexis Ohanian welcomed a new baby girl in to world on Friday and sources say their family are in complete celebration and happiness. Serena had her baby in West Palm Beach, FL.  Serena Williams’s sister, Venus leaked the baby’s sex during an interview with Eurosport back in May 2017. Before that noticeable slip, the Tennis sisters kept the baby’s sex hush-hush with media.


Alex Ohanian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel recently where he “toys around” with the speculation that the baby would be a girl because Serena won the Australian Open while being pregnant and she says, “females are just tough that way,” regarding her having no problems during the match-ups. Fans and critics alike have undoubtedly shown concern over the odd pairing of Serena Williams and Alex Ohanian. Some fans jokingly say that Serena wears the pants in the relationship since she could probably kick her husband’s ass.

Sources say, that this picture is rumored to be Serena Williams’s new baby daughter. There are claims circulating that it is fake while others swear that it is real. While there is similar resemblance to Serena and Alexis. Either way, they both have fans all over the world that are excited for Serena and her loyal fans are showing support for the pro Tennis player being a new mom, saying “she will be a great mom”.

The “satire” and beauty of the relationship between Serena Williams and her Beau will continue to make headlines for years to come. After all, they are both, huge celebrities, and moguls in their individual careers. After all, you know what they say about celebrity babies “C’est la satire qui est la beauté”

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