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Taylor Swift Sued for Stealing Hit Song “Shake It Off”

The talented and extremely popular, Taylor Swift will find herself back in court again, not long after her “butt-grabbin” lawsuit that she won for a whopping $1. She is now being accused of stealing lyrics that are on her hit song “Shake It Off”. There are two songwriters that are claiming that they wrote a song with similar lyrics back in 2001. The earlier song in question is called “Playas Gon’ Play”.



Sean Hall and Nathan Butler are the writers to “Playas Gon’ Play” and the song rose to #81 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was recorded by a group called 3LW. Listening to the lyrics, there is some obvious similarities between the two songs. Nathan Butler has worked with tons of music stars such as Aaron Carter, Backstreet Boys, and Victoria Beckham.

Taylor Swift and reps say that this is a ridiculous claim and that this is a ploy to get money. They state that the two songwriters simply don’t have a case. Taylor Swift will need to “shake it off” and explain why she is reportedly stealing songs now.