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Tomi Lahren Goes Off on NFL Anthem Kneelers! MUST WATCH!!

Tomi is a very well-known TV personality who is popular for her cut-throat political views. So, it is no huge surprise that she had some things to say about the recent movement within the NFL where players are kneeling during the National Anthem. This movement has caused so much controversy with both the left and the right. Trump making his stance clear that he condemns anthem kneelers and that team owners should fire those participating players.

Through it all, our military fights for the freedom to have the independent choice to stand or kneel, not one or the other. This has to start being clear to Americans that there is an agenda at play. While the media keeps everyone focused on the NFL hijinks, there is a church that was shot up by a known terrorist. Several people died. It can be speculated that Tomi is trying to tell folks to wake up, stop being baited into the agenda where an all-out race war ensues.

Tomi Lahren Bashes NFL Anthem Kneelers

Fox News posted a video to YouTube that has Tomi telling the elitists and kneelers just how she and most of America really feel about disrespecting the National Anthem, the country, and its veterans. Through her talk, she continuously showed her commitment and love for her country.


Here is the video:

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