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Top 5 Futuristic Sex Toys That Will Make You Blush

We are quickly approaching 2018 and it seems like everything is becoming more and more hi-tech, this certainly includes sex toys. Sex toys have been around for generations and they have evolved into what some would say, a work of art. Sex toys originally started out being made only for women. Then, as time progressed the male species said “Hey! What about us?”.




Now, there are literally hundreds of sex toy manufacturers all over the world and they are constantly thinking of new ways to take the “almighty dildo” into the future with state of the at technology. Here are the top 5 futuristic sex toys currently being sold online.


The Pulse (For Men)


This toy has been named as the “Guybrator”. It definitely takes the work out of busting a nut. This is an ideal toy for the lazy masturbator.



The Gaga (For Women)


Dubbed the “GoPro” of sexy toys. The Gaga is essentially a vibrator with a camera. This enables those husbands and boyfriends out there a chance to see what is going on inside his woman.



Realistic Sex Doll (For Both)


Sex dolls have come along way over the years. Dolls have evolved from male, female, and transgender as well as different races and skin color. However, it was just a few years ago that the sex toy industry started noticing manufactures making extremely realistic sex dolls. Makes you wonder, is this the way of the future?



The Lipstick Bullet Vibrator


Part of stepping into the future and out of the past in knowing how to conceal your hidden naughtiness.

The Lipstick Bullet Vibrator successfully allows room for both convenience and discretion. At the office, on the subway, or at a family picnic….this is the toy to have.



Lovense Mobile Sex Toy

This toy has recently catapulted the adult cam business into a whole different spectrum. With this toy’s capabilities and smart wireless options, it is no wonder why this is the most popular toy on the market. Adult cam models use this toy as a way to get tips from their viewers. How it works is when a viewer tips them, this toy will vibrate while inside the girl. This toy is also great for long-distance couples. All-around awesome toy.

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