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Top 5 Romantic Gift Ideas for National Lovers Day

Lovers Day

National Lovers Day and its origin remains a mystery but it is believed to be regarding the unofficial holiday is based on St. George’s Day, a religious holiday celebrated in many parts of Europe. It is celebrated in the same ways Valentine’s Day is, here in the U.S. and some say it is the perfect backup in cases where Valentine’s Day is missed or skipped.

Here are the top 5 Gift Ideas for Lovers Day

  1. A Romantic Card

A thoughtful card from your significant other can show true love in its true form. Especially if you write a flirty message inside the card. You can include some heart-shaped balloons for added flair.


  1. His & Her “Love” Mugs

If you are a couple that loves coffee as much as you love each other, a set of His and Hers coffee mugs is a simple yet great gift idea for Lovers Day. You can have them custom designed or choose a lot of great mugs for sale online.

  1. Bouquet of Roses

Roses are a traditional favorite among women. A romantic bouquet of flowers with the right scent can make your significant other happy and remind her why she loves you. Incorporate her favorite flower or even her favorite color. Write a “sexy” message for her in the card insert.

  1. Dinner and a Movie

Take your lover out on a date. A simple dinner & movie may be cliché for some but it works. The key is to choose a romantic and higher end restaurant instead of the local diner down the road. Also, choose a movie that she will like such as a romantic drama or comedy.

  1. Jewelry

Every woman in the world loves and adores nice jewelry. Stop off at a jewelry store on your way home and buy her a romantic necklace or pair of earrings. Surprise her with it at dinner that evening and remind her why you are in love with her.