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Top 5 Signs You are Being “Catfished”

Since the widely popular MTV show called “Catfish” has been on the air, the art of tricking someone online for romantic reasons has turned into what some would say an “art form”. When a woman (or a man) is catfished online through dating sites and social media, it tends to crush that individuals trust in the opposite sex. Wouldn’t you like to know the inside secrets to how these tricksters fool so many people online?


Here are the top 5 ways you can tell if you are being catfished by someone you are talking with online.

  1. The classic saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”

“Catfishers” usually have a story. Not just any story, but an extremely unbelievable story about their life. Meaning, they will lie about who they are, where they work, how much money they make, and even their marital status.

  1. Fake Pictures

Imagine yourself on some dating site such as OKCupid or Plenty of Fish and you come across a so-called “hottie”. Either this hot guy is the best one on this site or he is FAKE. Moreover, catfishers tend to use online images of gay guys because well, every woman thinks gay guys are hot.

  1. Your Desperate

If you notice that you are falling for guys to fast and that you notice you believe absolutely everything they say, then you are possibly a woman that is desperate to be in a relationship. Guys know that women love to fall in love, it’s addicting to them. So, guys tend to use that against women to successfully catfish.

  1. Cancels Dates all the Time

You will know when you are being catfished when dates keep getting cancelled. A catfisher will not ever have intentions in really meeting you. There is a good rule of thumb here and that is, if your date gets cancelled or set back more than twice, you are most likely being catfished.

  1. Sex Talk

If you notice that every conversation is about sex or leads to sex, this means you are most likely being fooled. Now, obviously guys like to talk about sex all the time in general but when it’s too genuine people talking, it’s not always about sex.

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