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Top 5 Ways to Masturbate Without Using Your Hands

Masturbating is one of the most favorited pastime with both men and women. Furthermore, masturbating can be done in many ways. Folks are constantly finding very creative ways to masturbate. Here are the top 5 ways to masturbate without using your hands.




For Men & Women

  1. Humping a Pillow

Males in general have done this at least a few dozen times. Surprisingly enough, females seem to enjoy it just as much as males do. It creates a stimulation and motion that is quite similar to the real deal.

  1. Using a Sex Doll

Sex dolls are somewhat taboo and if you have one, betting your friends don’t know about it.  Sex dolls comes in a variety of different styles and components. Again, both men and women have and continue to use sex dolls. Cam models use sex dolls all the time in order to get those tips.

  1. Sex Toys


Yes, we said sexy toys! Of course, you would be using your hands, but it would not be your hands that is giving the pleasure. Sex toys for men include such things as the pocket pussy. Women seem to have a plethora of choices, such as dildos and vibrators and butt plugs.

  1. Corners of Tables

Yes, this is a bit odd, but it does happen. Mainly with females, they have learned over time that grinding the corner of a table gives off a friction that seems to be very pleasurable for women.

  1. Don’t Masturbate at All

The best way without using your hands is to not do it all. So, it really comes down to one choice……TO FAP OR NOT TO FAP!