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Top 5 Ways to F**K Yourself! Going VIRAL!




Masturbation has been around for centuries. Over the years, men and women are constantly trying to find new ways to “self-satisfy”. Here are the top 5 ways you can get fucked without having a partner.



No. 5

Using Sex Toys

Sex toys comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The sex toy industry definitely makes sure there are options when it comes to pleasuring yourself.






No. 4

Household Objects

Have no fear! When you can’t afford those pricey sex toys you can always scavenge up some very useful objects around the house that can certainly make you feel like you’re getting fucked.






No. 3

Fruits & Veggies

Yes, vegetables. Hey, your momma always said you needed your daily dose of vegetables. Well, here is the answer. Using vegetables and fruits like Cucumbers, Bananas, etc. can provide maximum insertion that will leave a person speechless. So, next time your at the grocery store, pick up some much needed vegetables and fruits.






No. 2


Yes, you read correctly. Studies show that folks even enjoy pleasures from hammers, wrenches, and so forth. This takes going to Home Depot to a whole other level.






No. 1

The Old-Fashioned Way

Sometimes the toys, tools, and objects just doesn’t do the trick like good old-fashioned fingers. More often times than not, a woman will choose to use their hands instead of toys. Guess it’s safe to assume that they enjoy taking a more “hands on” approach to reaching an orgasm.