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Trump Promises War with Amazon?!?

President Donald Trump has once again relayed a deep concern he has too the American people, via Twitter just hours ago. Trump’s tweet earlier today erupted a huge war with Amazon. President Trump tweeted a negative message concerning Amazon about a month ago. Here is Trump’s latest mean tweet to Amazon:




The Amazon Effect

Many retailers around the United States are having to go out of business because Amazon is expanding tremendously and forcing smaller local retailers to close its doors permanently. Just like Wal-Mart has done and continues to do, Wal-Mart has been very well-known for forcing local hardware stores to shut down because Wal-Mart decides to simply build another store.

Trump vs Amazon Inc.

According to Bloomberg, nearly 8,000 retail stores are scheduled to close by the end of 2017. Even “big box” stores such as Home Depot has been swarmed with controversy on this matter. Home Depot shoppers are wondering if the popular hardware store will be immune from the “Amazon Effect”.

War of the Richest

This could possibly turn out to be an all-out war between Amazon and President Trump or this could simply be Trump talking smack like he tends to do continuously. Only time will tell what will really happen to these nice brick & mortar retailers that are in our cities and neighborhoods. Just maybe, Amazon will force us into a world without traditional retailers.