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Trump Says Travel Ban Should be Larger and Tougher

President Donald Trump sent out a tweet moments ago, letting the world know his (updated) views on the infamous travel ban. This tweet comes after heavy resistance from the left, citing the ban is cruel and insufficient.

Here is Trump’s tweet:


Trump Goes to War with Dems

Since President trump has been in office, he has raised more concern and controversy than any other president and from the looks of it, the president is not done. He is tackling health care as well as the travel ban “head on” and with great force. Yet, he continues to get bombarded with mockery from the media.

London Terror Attack

Currently, news media such as The Washington Post and others are trying to negatively parent the recent terror attack in London with his most recent stance on the travel ban. However, supporters are standing by the President stating that when there are terror attacks happening in other countries and those attacks have a high probability of happening in the U.S, then why not make the travel ban tougher?

In the end, the overwhelming logic here is to let Trump do his job!

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