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Twitch Outages are Causing Hysteria with Gamers

Twitch is a live video streaming service for gamers and has evolved into an extremely popular social hub for gamers all over the world. Twitch features also allows for viewers to donate or tip a player or stream they like or favor. Twitch is an “ADD-ON” to Amazon. Yes, that means Amazon owns Twitch. Lately, Twitch has been having trouble with outages and Twitch users are starting to get PISSED!


Twitch Outages Causing Users to Flee?!?

Sources state that Twitch’s consistent run of outages since its debut in 2011, User complaints have gone up 100% and company earnings are starting to tank. With its recent outage just moments ago, the video streaming platform was offline for live streaming and viewing for most of today. It begs to question, what is the reason for all the outages?

Some speculate it is too much traffic while others say it is the site’s infrastructure. Either way, Twitch may be an awesome creation for its users but when the site is known for “going dark” at such a consistent rate, it may not last. To put things into more perspective here, Twitch is down so frequently that there were people out in this big world that felt like there needed to be websites dedicated to Twitch outages. WTF?!?


Twitch vs Users

Will Twitch reps finally listen to its users and do something about the outages or will this phenomenon called Twitch continue to piss users off to the point of implosion? There are hundreds of Twitch users that make a very lucrative income from live streaming on its platform, just like Youtubers. So, when it comes to user feedback, one would think that it’s a valuable commodity for Twitch Execs.

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